High Energy Sound and Light Productions 

High Energy Sound, Has been doing Music for Wedding ceremonies and receptions  for over 30 years. We are the Masters of Ceremonies. We are very experienced in reading a crowd. 

High Energy Sound, always plays requests and we work with you to create your favorite  song list to play at your event. Our Dj's do all the announcements from a Grand  entrance to cutting of the cake, first dance , father /daughter, mother /son, money dance, garter and bouquet.

We have different sound systems  for your occasion.  From small to large and with or without lighting.








                                                                    High Energy Sound song list consists of thousands of songs.
                                                                               * Soft Rock                                      * Pop
                                                                               * Classic Rock                                 * Hip Hop
                                                                               * Hard Rock                                     * Rap
                                                                               * Country                                         * Reggae
                                                                               * Slow and Easy listening                 * Big Band
                                                                               * 50's & 60's                                     * Motown
                                                                               * Disco                                             * Polka
                                                                               * Old School                                     * Jazz
                                                                               * R & B                                             * Latin   

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